Air Tightness Testing

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What does air tightness testing involve?

The objective is to measure the volume of conditioned air escaping through the building envelope via uncontrolled ventilation at an induced pressure difference of 50Pa.

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The following basic steps are typical:

  • Check site preparation / Prepare site – including temporary sealing
  • Calculate the envelope, this is prefered to be calculated prior to site visit
  • Explain the process to relevant staff and sub-contractors working on or near the building
  • Take environmental condition measurements – wind speed, temperatures, barometric pressures
  • Install fan into door / opening
  • Connect monitoring equipment
  • Check the static pressure before test
  • Take multiple pressure difference readings and record fan flow rate(s) – allowing sufficient time for the pressure readings to stabilise
  • Check the static pressure after the test
  • Input the data readings into software – check that readings are at the right standard for test
  • Calculation of the results from test pass or fail
  • If the building fails, we pinpoint key leakage paths and help client/ staff on remedial work
  • Then rerun test stage again
  • Note results pass or fail / discuss results with client
  • Disconnect measurement equipment
  • Remove the fan