Due to lower Design targets we recommend the sealing of the following prior to the Test:

  1. Skirting board top & bottom
  2. Around Architrave window board & Loft hatches
  3. Behind Kitchen/utility & Bathrooms should be sealed ideally at base of wall prior to fitting
  4. SVP & waste pipes sealed around internal wall, floors and ceilings ideally before boxing in
  5. Services penetrating into internal wall, floors and ceilings should be sealed. ie gas, water etc
  6. Around boiler flues
  7. Pipes behind Radiators to be sealed remove a seal with foam if necessary.
  8. Extractors sealed around penetration of internal wall/ceiling.
  9. Loft hatches and roof space access door should have a good draught excluder fitted.
  10. All drainage traps filled with water.

Temporary seals by client






Ventilation systems


Trickle ventsĀ 


Please turn off heating at least 5 hours prior to test.


240 volt power supply needed.


No Fires lighted in property.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to Contact Us.